Safety commitment

Heli Solutions Ltd is 100% committed to ensuring the safety of both our clients and staff. It shall be our priority to ensure that all our staffs are adequately trained to maintain highest of safety standards. Working safely shall be a condition of employment and no employee will start or knowingly be part of an unsafe act which shall be a violation of company policy.

 The Key Elements of the Heli Solutions Safety Policy will be a total commitment to:

·        A goal of zero accidents.

·        Provision of the highest standard of helicopters, crew and equipment.

·        Provision of ongoing development and recurrent training for pilots, engineers and other support staff.

·        Provision of the highest ongoing maintenance standards, procedures and practices for each aircraft, its components, accessories and equipment including refuelling.

·        Dissemination of appropriate safety information to all our clients of our Operational requirements in order to:

a) Ensure that operational circumstances are satisfactory.

b) To secure the co-operation and commitment of the client to adhere to safety standards so that all flights are conducted safely.

·        Provision of a Safety Awareness Program Incorporating:

a) Regular Safety Audits.

b) Development of a Safety Incentive Scheme.

c)  An emphasis on Aviation Decision Making and Risk Management in

Re-currency training.

 Each employee is expected to take responsibility for safety at their own level within the company and is accountable for conformance with all documented company standards and procedures.