Heli Solutions is a young and emerging aviation company that was birthed from the dreams of two young Papua New Guinean aviators who were driven by their passion for flying helicopters. It was a dream that came to fruition on 13th August, 2011 when we touched down at Jacksons Airport with our first Bell 407/P2-HSL.

 From humble beginnings of operating in a small leased office space (5/4m) and paying for both Air Operator and Maintenance Coverage Heli Solutions has progressed in leaps and bounds. Not only has the company expanded its fleet to four (4) helicopters but we has also established a permanent base at Kagamuga Airport, Mt Hagen with facilities for both air operations and maintenance. One of our biggest milestones so far is obtaining our Air Operators Certificate (119/061) and more recently our Maintenance Organization Certificate (145/061).

 With the challenging economic climate and recent changes in the national political landscape, a small SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) such as ours will need to harken to the new governments call for active participation in their strategies to resuscitate and strengthen enterprises such as ours. 

 As a young national company trying to grow in an industry that is dominated by large expatriate companies, Heli Solutions believes in the strength of building a team of national aviation professionals that bring a unique combination of experience and expertise that can contribute to ensuring this company paves its way to achieving BARS Certification and ISO 9001:2015 certification.

 In moving forward we seek to consolidate what we have achieved over the last 8 years of operations and progress with our phased plans for expansion into fixed wing operations and aviation training for both flight and maintenance.

 We are continually striving to improve our quality of service by ensuring we have a robust quality control and quality assurance processes in place for all aspects of our business. This will ultimately lead to better performance, increased profitability, greater customer satisfaction and compliance with industry best practice and international standards.



Captain James Pima, CPL (H)

Chief Executive Officer